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How did the taliban start?

The first devotees of Taliban came from the poverty-stricken refugee camps along the Pakistani border during the Afghan-Soviet war. The young men of these camps learned a fierce and fundamental strain of Islam through the madrassas, Islamic schools. In September 1994, Mohammad Omar, then a mullah and today the leader of the Taliban, created the militia in the southern Afghan province of Kandahar.
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Why did the taliban start?
The Taliban started in 1994 when Pakistan gave them the Pakistan government. From there, they got out of hand and was eventually taken out of power when Pakistan decided to have a voting system and scheduled voting in Spring '05.  wiki.answers.com
Who ran and started the Taliban?
The Taliban movement was created in 1994 by a senior Islamic priest, Mohammed Omar,  www.chacha.com
When did the conflict with the Taliban start?
The Taliban was actually born in 1994, 5 years after the withdrawal of the Soviet troops from Afghanistan. In 1989 the Soviets withdrew their troops from Afghanistan, but continued to support its government. The Afghani opposition, which includes  answers.yahoo.com

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