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How deep is the river thames?

The depth is ever changing for River Thames. Opposite Southend, the depth is 11 meters; at Tributary the depth is about 9.8 meters; at Woolwich the depth is about 6.5 meters and at London Bridge the depth is 1.8 meters.
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How deep is the River Thames?
the best accurate. In the estuary the charted depth (which can for most general purposes be considered as the depth at low water) is about 20 metres at its deepest . To get the depth of water at Mean High Water Springs (MHWS) you can add about 5  wiki.answers.com
How deep is the Thames River?
The Thames river has a length of 346 km (215 mi) a basin of 12,935 km2 (4,994 sq mi)  www.chacha.com
How deep is the river thames in London?
It must be quite deep cause navy ships can travel along the river. It is even difficult to state the depth of water at high and low tides as the height of these ... At London Bridge the charted depth is about 1.8 metres.  uk.answers.yahoo.com
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