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Does insect repellent have an expiration date?

Depends on the specific product / formulation. If it does, it will be printed somewhere on the bottle. Products based on DEET claim to effectively have no expiration date.
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What is the expiration date for Cutter Advanced Insect Repellent.
Turn the can upside down, exp. should be there. if you can't find it fill this out and they will tell you: http://www.cutterinsectrepellents.co. m/Customer-Help/Contact-Us.aspx.  . Tharnpfeffa. 20 months ago.  askville.amazon.com
I have sunscreen and insect repellent from last summer with no expiration. How long are these good for?
from last year i think theyd be ok, but i wouldnt use them past this season, just to be on the safe side  answers.yahoo.com
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