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Does Baby Oil Kill Fleas?

Yes, baby oil can help in killing fleas. Find more instructions on this site. More »
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How to Kill Fleas With Mineral Oil.
1. Set a large piece of white paper on the floor. Use an area of the home where the animal feels comfortable, is warm and is away from distractions. 2. Combine two cups cold water, two tbsp. liquid dish soap and half a cup of mineral oil in a large  www.ehow.com
How does baby powder kill fleas?
Baby powder does NOT kill fleas.Get your pet Frontline,wash all bedding and flea powder the animals bed.  wiki.answers.com
What does eucalyptus oil do to fleas?
Eucalyptus oil is a natural flea repellent. Basic flea control shampoo for  www.chacha.com

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