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Do Wasps Die In Winter?

Wasps are of different types and are social like ants and sawflies.The wasps colonies last for only one season in the temperate regions because they have not developed ways of storing food during winter. More »
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What Happens to Wasps in Winter?
Social wasps can be a huge nuisance when they emerge just at the time of year people start spending more time outdoors. As well as imposing on our summer picnics, a great source of annoyance is when they find their way into houses and build their  www.ehow.com
Why wasps alive in winter?
Wasps usually die before the onset of winter and only the queen survives to start a new colony in spring.  wiki.answers.com
What happen two wasps in the winter?
When temperatures drop, the queens of colonies of social wasps creep into  www.chacha.com
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