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Do Wasps Die In Winter?

Wasps are of different types and are social like ants and sawflies.The wasps colonies last for only one season in the temperate regions because they have not developed ways of storing food during winter. More »
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Where do Wasps Go in the Winter?
The majority of the colony dies off during the first hard frost. The new queen bee will find a place to hibernate for the winter. They find places such as under the bark of a tree, or in a rotted log.  answers.ask.com
What Happens to Wasps in Winter?
The most common typical North American wasps are yellowjackets and paper wasps. These are social species and therefore live and work within a social structure, with every colony member having a role. The queen will emerge in spring and lay eggs in  www.ehow.com
Why wasps alive in winter?
Wasps usually die before the onset of winter and only the queen survives to start a new colony in spring.  wiki.answers.com
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