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Can You Catch Tonsillitis?

Tonsillitis is very contagious. You can catch the virus from someone infected through sneezing or coughing. More »
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How to Catch Tonsillitis.
1. Eat an unhealthy diet, low on fresh fruits and vegetables. A healthy immune system is the best way to fight off an illness. If you want to contract tonsillitis, you first have to run down your body so it is more susceptible. 2. Get less than six  www.ehow.com
How do you catch Tonsillitis?
Tonsillitis is when the tonsils - fleshy pads on each side of the back of the throat - b...  www.chacha.com
how do you catch tonsillitis?
Yes, tonsillitis is contagious and spreads from person to person by contact with the throat or nasal fluids of someone who is already infected. You may not notice all the symptoms but most common are a very sore throat, fever, chills, the throat  www.steadyhealth.com
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