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Can My Employer Sack Me If I Am Sick?

Your employer cannot sack you for being sick,unless your sickness is affecting your work or people in the office More »
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What type and where can I find Insurance coverage for me if I am sick due to being self employed?
You can get disability income which will pay a percentage of your base income if you are unable to work. There are short term and long term policies. You should also have a health insurance policy which will pay the doctor and hospital charges. Visit  answers.yahoo.com
My employer requires that i work overtime hours (without pay) quite often, which at times i understand and am ok with it, however if i'm sick or my child is sick and i have to miss a day's work or half day, even couple hours of work in any given day, my company forces me to use my pto time? exempt salary employee.
It is right to a point. PTO is a benefit given to you by the company, it is not mandated by the government that they give you PTO. Salaried exempt are paid by the job and not by the hour. They can be docked or PTO time used for time they miss. ┬áIf a  en.allexperts.com
What should I do if I am sick and my employer will not let me go home?
If your sickness is a result of a chronic medical condition requiring ongoing care, you may be able to take intermittent leave under the Family and Medical Leave Act. If you properly request FMLA leave, you can take time off in as little as one-hour  www.avvo.com
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