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Can learner drivers carry passengers?

Learner drivers should always be supervised by a driver who has a full driver's license.The leaner driver may also carry passangers enough to occupy the seats when properly fitted in seat belts.
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How many passengers can a newly qualified driver carry?
UK Answer. Over here you can carry as many passengers as the car is designed to carry.  wiki.answers.com
Under the new rules, how many passengers can a driver on their Learners permit carry?
As many as your car can carry, only the P platers have their passengers restricted.  answers.yahoo.com
What is the law regarding learner drivers carrying passengers as well as the appropiate supervisor?
you can have passengers in the car with you, when my sister was learning she had my mum supervising her and me and my two brothers in the back and we never got pulled by the police as they drove past  uk.answers.yahoo.com
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