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Can I Travel With One Month Left On My Passport?

You can travel with 2 months left on your passport but this will depend on the country you are travelling to and your intended period of stay. The intended period of stay should be less than the 2 months. More »
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How many months need to be left on a british passport to travel to Europe?
Britain is in Europe, so there is no passport timeliness requirement for a British citizen to enter the UK. If by Europe, you mean any non-British country in Europe, the requirement is usually six months validity, but individual countries may vary. A  wiki.answers.com
Why do some countries require 6 months left on a passport before leaving that country?
Many countries allow you to enter (with or without a visa, depending on their requirements) for up to 6 months. By requiring your passport is valid for 6 months, they're ensuring that you won't get 'stranded' in their country without a valid  www.quora.com
How many months left on my passport do i need to travel to morocco or other places?
Moroccan law requires your passport to be valid at least until the day you leave Morocco. Source(s): http://www.maec.gov.ma/en/visiinterEN.ht…  uk.answers.yahoo.com

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