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Can I Take Co Codamol And Ibuprofen Together?

If you’re 16 or over, you may wish to use co codamol and ibuprofen together, to reduce pain and fever. There are no known harmful interactions between co codamol and ibuprofen in people over 16. Co codamol should always be your first choice, because it has fewer side effects than ibuprofen. More »
Popular Questions
How many Co-Codamol can I take at once?
TWO AT A TIME ONLY, MATT! Regardless of the dose, or your anatomy! That's how it works. And Lewis is right: the big danger is from the paracetamol. It's VERY easy to overdose from that, and you could permanently damage your liver. You could try  answers.yahoo.com
How long after takeing paraceatamol can i take co-codamol?
Co-codamol contains Patacetamol & codeine.. The Patacetamol contents are the same presuming u take 8/500mg ones hence max daily dosage is the same. No more than 2 each time up to 4 times a day max. No longer than 3 days in a row 0 0 Comment  uk.answers.yahoo.com
How long can I take co-codamol before it starts to affect my body?
If I getting you right you're asking how long you need to take it before you get physically dependent on the drug and have to worry about being addicted. Right? A couple weeks of daily dosing will usually do it to the point you could get sick if you  answers.yahoo.com
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