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Can i ride a motorcycle on a car license?

Motorcycles can ridden if one is atleast 17 years old and own a motorcycle license.One can ride a motorcycle if you posses a car license.
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How can I obtain a motorcycle license and learn how to ride?
Most states require that you have to take a written ...  www.chacha.com
Which motorcycles can I ride on an A2 license?
Basically, it means that you can only ride bikes with less than 46.6bhp. This can include any restricted bikes, so long as the bike didn't develop more than 94bhp in its standard form (in other words, if the stock bike had 100bhp, you cannot legally  answers.yahoo.com
How can I get a motorcycle license if I don't own a motorcycle?
In California, you can enroll in CMSP [1] a series of classes where they provide learning motorcycles. On successful completion, you get an exemption from the riding portion of the DMV test, meaning that it is possible to get a license without owning  www.quora.com
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