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Can i ride a motorcycle on a car license?

Motorcycles can ridden if one is atleast 17 years old and own a motorcycle license.One can ride a motorcycle if you posses a car license.
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What size motorcycle can you drive on a car license?
None. Unless you find a 49cc or smaller motorcycle. 50cc and up requires a motorcycle endorsement in most, if not all, states.  wiki.answers.com
How do I get the license to ride a motorcycle?
Got the following from http://www.dol.wa.gov/driverslicense/mot… How to get an endorsement Motorcycles There are two ways to get a motorcycle endorsement: •If you don’t take an approved rider course, you must: ◦pass the motorcycle knowledge test,  answers.yahoo.com
How can I rent a car without my license?
You need a license to rent a car. You might try getting a friend to rent it f...  www.chacha.com
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