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Can i ride a motorcycle on a car license?

Motorcycles can ridden if one is atleast 17 years old and own a motorcycle license.One can ride a motorcycle if you posses a car license.
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Where can I drive a car or ride a motorcycle without a license?
Up and down your driveway. Or in a remote, third-world country. Otherwise, pretty much every place has some type of license required for a motor vehicle.  answers.yahoo.com
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The purpose of a vehicle's suspension is to allow the wheels and tires to absorb the impact of road imperfections before they make it to the chassis, and then to you. A good-riding suspension must be quick to give, to yield to road imperfections.  www.ehow.com
How can I obtain a motorcycle license and learn how to ride?
Most states require that you have to take a written ...  www.chacha.com
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