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Can i ride a motorcycle on a car license?

Motorcycles can ridden if one is atleast 17 years old and own a motorcycle license.One can ride a motorcycle if you posses a car license.
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What size motorcycle can you drive on a full UK car license which I've had for 32 years?
After a Compulsory Basic Test, CBT, you can ride a 50cc moped without 'L' plates or up to 125cc bike/scooter with 'L' plates.  wiki.answers.com
Where can I learn how to ride a motorcycle in Corpus Christi TX?
There are 4 motorcycle schools in TX. Try Moto-Ed at  www.chacha.com
Where can i find a motorcycle class for riding?
Contact your local Highway patrol office and see if they recommend a coarse, I went throw one here in Ca and it was very good, it is called Motorcycle Rider Course. I got my license after a few days without owning a MC or riding one at the DMV, I  answers.yahoo.com
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