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Can I Resign Whilst On Sick Leave?

Resignation from a job may require a period of notice therefore resigning while on sick leave may not be possible. You should notify your employer some time before you plan to resign to give them time to start looking for a replacement. More »
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How can I find out what I've missed in class if I'm out sick or leave early?
Easy. The web site is updated every day. Just log on and check the "Announcements/Assignments/If You Weren't Here" sections to keep up with what's going on. If you still have a question, you can always send me an e-mail.  teacherweb.com
Re causing a problem. how can i use the vaporizer, which has done wonders for letting my little guy sleep through the night whilst sick, without setting off the darn fire alarm?
If you've got that many smoke alarms in the house, I'd just unplug the one in your sons room for a few days while he's still getting better. The others will still wake you up if there's a fire, and it sounds like the vaporizer is really helping your  answers.yahoo.com
When can I use my sick leave?
As stated in the Adjunct handbook, ‚ÄúSick leave may be used when the instructor is ill or in cases of personal necessity including any of the following: death or serious illness of a member of immediate family; accident, involving person or property,  www.palomar.edu
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