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Can I Drive With A Provisional Licence With Kids In The Back Of The Car?

Yes you can drive with children in the car, but if you are still learning skills ie not at driving test standard, kids can be distracting and have a negative effect on lessons. As a provisional license holder, you can not drive a car unsupervised. The terms of your license state that you must be accompanied by a full license holder who is over 21 and has held their license for 3 years or more. More »
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What provisional licence do i need to ride a bike and a drive a car?
Motorcycles are Category A. Cars are Category B. A 'standard' U.K. provisional driving licence should have both Categories on it. Make sure that you request both Categories, when you apply, though. The D.V.L.A. are notorious for their "human errors"  answers.yahoo.com
I told them i got full uk licence for 2 years but they didnt listen to me and they took my car to police car pound and they gave me £60 penalty notice for driving with provisional licence and they told me to take my licence to local police station , when i came back?
If they gave you your license back as opposed to sending it off for points (which I didn't think the police did for you) then they must have realised it was a computer error, are you absolutely sure that they are still intending proceeding to crush  www.theanswerbank.co.uk
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