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Can I Claim Sick Pay Being Self Employed?

One cannot get sick pay statutory if he or she is self employed, unemployed, when one is in legal custody and when getting Maternity Allowance or Statutory Maternity Pay.
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How to claim sick pay when employer goes bust?
She wouldn't be able to claim company sick pay, because the company is busted. She wouldn't be able to claim SSP, because the company is busted. This is Government sick pay as it's paid through the employer. You wife needs to claim Employment and  uk.answers.yahoo.com
What benefit's can i claim being self employed?
As you are referring to Council Tax, I assume you are British. Its been a while since I lived there(this is a Canadian forum) but seriously your best bet is to ask at your local DSS office. You may be eligible for rent support, council tax benefit,  answers.yahoo.com
How do i claim taxes by being a self employed housekeeper.
You declare the income that you earned, and subtract from that your expenses. Additionally, you pay both halves off the self employment tax. I don't think the IRS will require too much proof. For starters, they will be so stunned that a part time  www.avvo.com
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