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Can I Claim Sick Pay Being Self Employed?

One cannot get sick pay statutory if he or she is self employed, unemployed, when one is in legal custody and when getting Maternity Allowance or Statutory Maternity Pay.
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What can i claim the the tax back on for being self employed?
Tell the tax you bought a new car for under 2050 get a friend to make a receipt up( they don't check under 2100} You will end up with full tax relief on the motor. If you have a dog you can get relief on it's food stating it's a guard dog also  uk.answers.yahoo.com
What benefit's can i claim being self employed?
As you are referring to Council Tax, I assume you are British. Its been a while since I lived there(this is a Canadian forum) but seriously your best bet is to ask at your local DSS office. You may be eligible for rent support, council tax benefit,  answers.yahoo.com
What type and where can I find Insurance coverage for me if I am sick due to being self employed? I am self emplyoeed and ifI become ill I will no have income. Any suggestions for some type of insurance coverage?
Answer 1. You can get disability income which will pay a percentage of your base income if you are unable to work. There are short term and long term policies. You should also have a health insurance policy which will pay the doctor and hospital  www.helpfulbox.com
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