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Can i check if i have been caught speeding?

In the UK you can check online whether you have impending speeding tickets using the Live Online Vehicle Checking system. This system is easy and free to use.
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How do i check if i have been caught by a speed camera?
dont worry. the registered owner of the car will know soon enough. likely all the offenders need to be processed and at that point the notice will be issued so unlikely you could find out earlier even by calling them.  answers.yahoo.com
What is the fastest speed someone has been caught driving at?
In Minnesota, an officer caught a guy via plane  www.chacha.com
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Switching out plugs and wires isn't going to do a whole lot if your losing power, it may stop an engine from misfiring or help it to be more efficient on fuel consumption but losing power, no. It could be the fuel filter if it loses power when you  wiki.answers.com
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