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Can A Human Get Pregnant From Dog Sperm?

No our DNA and a dog's DNA are too different.A girl can't even get pregnant from a chimpanzee which is the closest relative to us
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What Diseases Can Dogs Get From Humans?
The most common diseases people can give their dogs are bacteria and parasites. Viruses are less commonly transmitted from human to dog. If you get an infection from one dog, such as bordetellosis (kennel cough) or giardia, you can give it to another  www.ehow.com
Why can't a male human get a female dog pregnant?
Apart from the legal problems, there are different numbers of chromosomes in the two species making interbreeding impossible.  wiki.answers.com
Why can't a dog get a human pregnant?
The sperm and eggs in nearly all species have membrane proteins that recognize s...  www.chacha.com
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