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Can a blowing exhaust affect my engine?

A blowing exhaust may affect your engine. A long-term problem with an exhaust leak could cause engine damage. Routine maintenance should solve these issues in your car or motorcycle.
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After top overhaul my bike engine blow out excessive smoke and oil drip from exhaust manifold, what is the problem
it is probably put too much oil in the engine( in the section of connecting rod& piston.but dont worry,after all the oils will be burned then the excess smoke will be perished.  www.fixya.com
What are all the things i can check to make sure my engine doesnt need overhauling, the car has 127k miles on it? engine blow by.
Jon, If you remove the valve cover you can see if there is sludge plugging up the drain back holes.  If the paths are clear then do a compression check.  When you say blowby is there smoke coming from the exhaust.  Again, if the drainback holes are  en.allexperts.com
How come sometimes i can feel the air blowing out of my pc exhaust fans and sometimes i don't feel any air?
This could be the device problem. Report this issue to the technical service to get things fixed. Good luck! Source(s) ☻.  answers.yahoo.com

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