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Are there any skulls in halo reach?

halo reach is a game manufactured by Microsoft game studios it is played on the xbox 360 platform. There are no skulls on halo reach just data pads .
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Where are the skulls in halo reach?
I don't believe you collect any. You just turn them on or off.  wiki.answers.com
How to Unlock the Haunted Skull Helmet in "Halo Reach"
1. Start "Halo: Reach. 2. Go to the Armory. 3. Purchase all of the other helmets available. When you have all the other helmets, you can then purchase the Haunted Skull Helmet for one credit.  www.ehow.com
What are the golden skulls in Halo Reach?
Picking up "Golden" skulls will also unlock an achievement on the Xbox 360.  www.chacha.com

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