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In hot weather, the tip of the Eiffel tower can rise up to 18cm!
This is due to thermal expansion of the metal, heated by the sun. When a substance such as metal is heated, the particles begin moving more, leading to the gradual expansion of the substance. As the metal cools down, it contracts again as the particles move less, and shrinks back to its regular size. More »
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The Eiffel Tower is very slightly (i.e., mere centimeters) taller during the summer than during the winter. The reason ... Does EIFFEL tower grow every year? No.
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How much does the Eiffel tower expand by in the summer? it grows 2cm in the summer and shrinks 2 cm in the winter Ane Toft og Pernille bj rklund dere er ...
The Eiffel Tower is a symbol of the grace and beauty of Paris. ... Even more remarkable, the tower actually "grows" up to nearly six inches during hot weather -- a ...
22 Jul 2008 ... Why does the Eiffel Tower grow 7in in summer? Why don't double decker buses fall over? The answers are more important than you think.
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