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Popcorn pops because there’s water in the centre that is encircled by soft starch and contained by the perfect thickness of hull.
When popcorn is heated, the water expands, turns to steam and heats up the starch. Eventually, the pressure is so great that the popcorn pops. More »
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Of the 4 most common types of corn—sweet, dent (also known as field), flint (also known as Indian corn), and popcorn—only popcorn pops! Popcorn differs from ...
A popcorn kernel is a cereal grain (seed). It is made up of four major physical structures: (1) The Pericarp (seed coat or outer hull): a hard outer thin covering.
Popcorn is able to pop because, like amaranth grain, sorghum, quinoa, and .... in the popcorn industry as "old maids", the kernels don't pop because they do not ... View article on Wikipedia »
Of all the types of corn, popcorn is the only variety that pops. ... the kernel explodes and a fluffy new piece of popcorn is born. .... Does all corn make popcorn?
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