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A mole's fur is unusual because it can be stroked in any direction without resistance.
This enables it to travel backwards, forwards and sideways while underground. If its fur were like a cat's, for example, it would be much more difficult to do this. More »
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They have velvety fur; very small, difficult to see ears and eyes, reduced hindlimbs; ... because their blood cells have a special and unique hemoglobin protein. View article on Wikipedia »
Molecatching is the process of trapping or killing moles in places, notably ... The skins of moles are of no use in plumbing – the fur burns with the sort of foul ... View article on Wikipedia »
That is so probably because moles spend most of their lives underground. ... Its hair is very special: each hair is thicker around the centre than at the ends.
Naked mole rats look pretty weird. Naked mole rats have tiny eyes, tiny ears and huge front teeth. They are famous for being almost totally bald. Without fur ...
mole Distribution: Great Britain, except Ireland; throughout rest of Europe and Asia. ... Description: Solid, muscular body covered in velvety black fur (grey, cream, ... The female builds a special chamber about the size of a football and lines it ...
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