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The kangaroo rat doesn’t drink at all.
Its seed diet provides it with the liquid it needs, which is handy as it lives in desert niches. More »
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The kangaroo rat is almost perfectly adapted to life in the desert. They can survive without ever drinking any water, getting needed moisture from their seed diet.
Not to be confused with the genus Aepyprymnus, known as rat kangaroos. ... down of the seeds they eat with their metabolism and not needing to drink water. ... This caching behavior has an impact on... View article on Wikipedia »'s_kangaroo_rat
Ord's kangaroo rat, Dipodomys ordii, is a kangaroo rat native to western North ... 4 Cover requirements; 5 Lifecycle; 6 Food habits; 7 Predators; 8 References .... They drink water when it is availa... View article on Wikipedia »
4 Jun 2013 ... Kangaroo Rats | Kangaroo Rat Overview | Kangaroo Rat Damage Assessment | Kangaroo Rat ... General Biology, Reproduction, and Behavior.
Behavior; Communication and Perception; Food Habits; Economic Importance ... As a result, Stephen's kangaroo rats are never required to drink water because ...
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