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The first vacuum cleaner, invented in England, was powered by petrol and carried on a horse-drawn carriage.
The bulky machine, called Puffing Billy, would travel door to door and the vacuum hose was inserted through the window. More »
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Nicknamed the "Puffing Billy", Booth's first petrol-powered, horse-drawn vacuum cleaner relied upon air drawn by a piston pump through a cloth filter. It did not ... View article on Wikipedia »
The first powered cleaner employing a vacuum was patented and produced by British inventor Hubert Cecil Booth in 1901. He watched a demonstration of a ...
There were many people who had a hand in “inventing” the vacuum cleaner. ... The first hand-powered cleaner was called the “Whirlwind” (above) used the ...
Of course one of them was the Wonderful VACUUM CLEANER!! :o) ... Once Mr Booth built his vacuum cleaner which was 1st powered buy a petrol engine (later  ...
19 Sep 2013 ... Vacuum cleaner history (Infographic) – learn the innovative men and women ... believed this was the first electric powered vacuum in history.
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